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Первый в рунете чемпионат мира по игре "Сапер".

Welcome dear users.
We are glad to present you an internet resource of earnings at the highest level. You will find here a great opportunities not used before by another similar sites. Besides our support service is always ready to listen to your ideas directed on optimization and addition of another opportunities for the most comfortable and interesting using of our site.

ATTENTION!!!Only in our site you can select a template which will displayed on all pages!

We propose for our users:
- 3 hours 0.001$ / 1 cr. First level referal bonus - $0.005
- THE BEST FEATURE!!! Payd ICQ messages!
- Requiring payment deliveries by a cost from $0.002.
- Requiring payment clicks by a cost from $0.001.
- 4 currencies is avaliable for payments: US dollars, EURO, UA Gryvna, RUR!
- CASUAL PAYMENTS for all of users.
- COMPETITIONS referals, advertisers, active users.
- Surfing of sites.
- Letters are paid similarly with the news of our site!
- Exchange of referals.
- Exchange of accounts.
- Exchange of credits.
- Games.
- Minimum to payment $0.1.
- Ref-system 3- level 10% - 5% - 2% - .
- Referal level from advertising 1 - level 1% - .

For advertisers there are the most advantageous suggestions:
-We propose you to check ADVERTISING DISCOUNT SYSTEM
- You donєt need to sign-up for make your advertising orders.
- Most various types of advertising: deliveries, clicks, surfing, text links, banners, HTML advertising
- All of letters are sent automatically.
- Now there is not a necessity round the clocks to wait the booked advertising you. Your advertising takes a place automatically!
- Complete checking of the booked advertising feature in real time.
- Detailed tuning at forming of advertising.
- It is not needed to pay anymore. The unutillized money return for advertising.

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